Day Trips and Excursions

Aside from the many charms of the city itself, Valparaíso is within striking distance of several destinations perfect for a day trip or two. There is something for everyone, whether it be a day at the beach, a strenuous mountain trek, a day of poetry and culture or a rip-roaring ride on horseback, wine tasting or shopping, or even a day on the ski slopes!

On The Coast

• 20 Minutes north of Valparaíso is the resort city of Viña del Mar with fine beaches as well as a casino, large shopping mall and restaurants.

• Isla Negra is Pablo Neruda´s most inspirational house. Full of interesting artifacts it is well worth a visit. There are also many beaches nearby.

• Quintay is a picturesque fishing village south of Valparaíso. The beaches are full of wild flowers in spring, while in the harbour you can sample some of Chile´s freshest seafood and there is even a diving school.

Active Day Trips

• For many of our guests a horseriding trip around the wetlands and giant sand dunes of a Ritoque is one of the highlights of their trip to Chile. It is even more spectacular under the light of the full moon.

• 40km inland, the Campana national park is in the heart of Chile. Crossing the park from north to south you see a wide range of flora and fauna, while the top of “Cerro La Campana” offers some of the most spectacular views in the country.

Organized Tours

• Valparaíso: Discover Valparaíso, its hills, its culture, its funiculars and its lively night life. We can give you a unique view of the city allowing you to make the most of your visit.

• Vineyards and wine tasting: Daily tours led by a British guide. Whether you are a wine expert or dilettante, you can taste some of Chile's most interesting wines, while learning about this great white wine producing valley from expert winemakers.

• Ski (june-september weather permitting): take advantage of Chile's crazy geography. Wake up by the coast and spend the day skiing or snowboarding in the nearby high Andes.